Fall 2019 Release

The latest release of the DealCloud platform was updated on:
Saturday, November 2nd.

In this Fall release, users will see subtle but impactful updates to the user interface, with adjustments made to increase clarity, efficiency, and the overall client experience. 

Listen to a recording of one of our live web trainings on the Fall 2019 Release here.

Download the Release Notes:

DealCloud Fall 2019 Release Notes.pdf

Register for Live Web Training:

We are offering several live web training sessions to review the Fall 2019 release during early November. Click here to view the schedule and register. 

Fall 2019 Preview 

New User Interface & Widget Controls

Preview the new user interface with darker background colors and new typefaces that improve clarity and legibility of information presented on dashboard pages and learn about the updated widget control user experience as well. 

Dispatch Pages

Pages allow you to build and launch web content from DealCloud.  This could be marketing collateral you want to distribute or a web form that you want to use to capture submissions in DealCloud.  Watch this brief introductory video on the new functionality.

Features/Functionality from Previous Releases

New Image Field (List Management)

DealCloud now supports images on Entry Detail Pages in the web portal and the mobile app. There is a new field type called “Image” that can be used to add JPEG or PNG files to any entry in DealCloud. Once added, files can be rendered in template reports and on entry detail pages through new “Image” widgets. Use Images to add profile pictures for Contacts, logos for Companies, or photos of Properties you track.

About Image Fields:

How to Create an Image Field & Add to Entry Form:

Adding an Image Widget to Portal Entry Detail Pages:

New Mobile Entry Details Page

Mobile Entry Details can now be created using the Admin Mode in the Web Portal Dashboard Configuration. Images can be displayed as an Image Header on mobile entry detail pages. 

Creating a Mobile Entry Details Page:

Preview of Mobile Entry Details Page:

Applying Edits to Entries using the Outlook InfoPane

You can now apply edits to existing entries in DealCloud directly from the Outlook Info Pane.  

Preview of New Edit Functionality from Outlook:

New Target Builder Feature 

DealCloud now offers a Target Builder that allows for entries to be created dynamically for Lists that have the Create Entries Dynamically Setting configured under Tools > List Management. The primary use case for this feature will vary depending on whether or not you are an Investment Bank or a Fund Manager.

For Investment Banking clients, the main use case for target builder is to associate potential buyers dynamically to a project or engagement. For  Fund Managers or Buy-Side clients, the main use case for target builder is to build relationships dynamically between potential investors and a Fund they are raising money for.

The target builder helps streamline these processes and utilize the data your firm already has stored in DealCloud to narrow down a relevant list of new entries to create and to allow the selected entries to be dynamically created directly from the same window used to create the targeted list.

Watch a quick preview video on what Target Builder is and the related List Management settings:

Watch a quick preview of how you can access Target Builder once a List has been configured to allow for entries to be created dynamically:

New and Improved Merge Capabilities

Proactively checking for duplicates is now easier than ever with the de-duplication preferences now available from Tools > Merge Entries. 

Watch a quick preview video on how to check for duplicate Companies and Contacts:

Looking to Reorder and/or Group your Add Menu Items? 

Site Settings now includes a new area under Additional Settings called "Add Settings". Users with the administration capability of "Site Settings" can now reorder the add menu items and also create groupings, making it easier for end users to get to the relevant entry forms more efficiently in DealCloud. 

Watch how to adjust your firm's Add Settings: