Course Curriculum

Learning Objectives

When accessing the web portal, you will be able to:

  • Utilize the Global Navigation Pane to access dashboards and Reporting Tools
  • Apply filters to data presented on Data Grids
  • Perform searches to locate entries and view entry detail pages
  • Add new records using Entry Forms
  • Open records for edit
  • Direct Edit data points from dashboards and entry detail pages
  • Create a “Favorites” list of frequently accessed records
  • Review notifications you are subscribed to and update notification preference
  • Generate template reports ad-hoc

When using the Outlook Add-In:

  • Sync items from Outlook (emails and events)

When using the DealCloud Mobile App:

  • Enable Face/Touch ID
  • Scan a business card to create a new Contact
  • Access dashboards and details about records on-the-go