Getting Started with DealCloud

A fast track course for new users of DealCloud to get started quickly. Learn how to enter/edit data, search, sync from Outlook, and much more.

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Looking for quick tutorials? Browse our how-to video library.

Platform Manager Certification

Do you manage DealCloud for your firm? Take our Platform Manager course and get DealCloud certified here.

Full Courses by Topic

Want to dig deeper? Watch our full training courses on various topics.


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Power User Training

Power Users include those users who will power the data entry process and analyze and report on centralized deal activity frequently.

Web Portal: How to Interact with Data Grids

As an end user, you can interact with the data presented to you in data grids. Learn about this functionality here.

Web Portal: How to Set Active Deal Notifications

A tutorial on how to set up notifications on active deal alerts (such as alerts when a deal changes stages.)

Web Portal: How to Use the Search Functionality

A quick outline of how to use the search functionality in DealCloud (quick search and full site searches.)

Excel Reporting: How to Use the DealCloud Excel Formulas

Clips from our Excel Reporting A to Z class that teach the basics of the DealCloud Excel formulas.

DealCloud Word Reporting Tools

Watch this course to get a better understanding of the automated and ad-hoc reporting tools we offer through our Word Add-In.

Using DealCloud to Manage Workflow

Learn how our Workflow Management tool can be used to automatically assign tasks based on workflow criteria you define.