• View Builder (Tools> Views)

    Learn how to create views using DealCloud's ad-hoc query/"View Builder".

  • List Management: About Choice Fields

    Choice fields present a dropdown list of available options when users are filling these fields out on entry forms. Learn how to set up and modify Choice Fields.

  • Web Portal: Setting Up Quick View Reports

    Learn how to configure a Quick View report so that users can click an entry from a Data Grid and see a panel with key details about the entry pop open.

  • Web Portal: Dashboard Settings

    DealCloud allows for the grouping of dashboards in the web portal, combining more than one dashboard into a grouping for easy organization and navigation.

  • Merge Tool

    The Merge Tool assists with combining metadata and references from multiple entries into a single entry. Learn how to clean up duplicates using this tool.

  • Web Portal: How to Add and Update Entries in Bulk

    Learn the process for bulk data entry and edit using the Bulk Editor and Import File capabilities.