• Excel Reporting: How to Use the DealCloud Excel Formulas

    Clips from our Excel Reporting A to Z class that teach the basics of the DealCloud Excel formulas.

  • Word Add-In Template Reports

    Watch this course to get a better understanding of the automated and ad-hoc reporting tools we offer through our Word Add-In.

  • Platform Managers: How to Delete Content from a Portal Report

    This video shows how to delete content from an existing portal dashboard report.

  • Word Add-In: How to Create an Entry Type Template Report

    Learn how to create entry-type reports using the Word Add-In.

  • Word Add-In: How to Create an Object Type Template Report

    How to create and schedule Object-type reports for distribution using the Word Add-In.

  • Outlook: How to Sync Emails to DealCloud Using the Outlook COM Add-In

    Syncing emails to DealCloud is easily done through the use of our Outlook Add-In.