• DataCortex: How to Adjust the Display Order of Mapped Fields

    Learn how to adjust the Display Order of mapped fields. Relevant for clients with an active subscription to DataCortex and users with access to manage Display Preferences.

  • Object Management & Site Settings

    This course reviews the properties associated with Objects, along with how to manage fields and entry forms.

  • Excel Reporting A to Z

    This course teaches how to use the DealCloud Excel formulas so that you can link Excel reports to data stored in DealCloud.

  • How to Make Edits to Data

    This brief tutorial outlines your options for editing data in DealCloud (such as updating your active deal stages or editing a contact.)

  • Web Portal: How to Interact with Dashboard Content

    As an end user, you can interact with the data presented to you in dashboard reports. Learn about this functionality here.

  • Web Portal: How to Use the Search Functionality

    A quick outline of how to use DealCloud's global quick search and full site search.