• DealCloud Add-Ins

    How to download the Microsoft Office COM Add-Ins, along with details on how to download the Outlook Web Add-In and Chrome Extension for Gmail.

  • How to Make Edits to Data

    This brief tutorial outlines your options for editing data in DealCloud (such as updating your active deal stages or editing a contact.)

  • Web Portal: How to Interact with Dashboard Content

    As an end user, you can interact with the data presented to you in dashboard reports. Learn about this functionality here.

  • Web Portal: How to Use the Search Functionality

    A quick outline of how to use DealCloud's global quick search and full site search.

  • Excel Reporting: How to Use the DealCloud Excel Formulas

    Clips from our Excel Reporting A to Z class that teach the basics of the DealCloud Excel formulas.

  • Outlook: How to Sync Emails and Meetings to DealCloud Using the Outlook COM Add-In

    Syncing emails and meeetings to DealCloud is easily done through the use of our Outlook COM Add-In.